Handling Change In The Philippine Business Environment

Changes happen and will happen, there is pretty much nothing anybody can do about it. The best reason to change is to achieve an improvement. There is no reason for making a change for its own sake. Changes in the business environment will bring about great opportunities as well as doom for some who can’t keep up with it.

The Philippine business landscape is changing. Globalization has greatly influenced what business are capable of surviving locally. The local apparel and textile industry has all but gone out of business due to cheap labor and materials from China and India. I feel bad for the business owners that have gone out of business and the employees that have been laid off, but the law of the jungle also applies to business, only the strongest shall survive. Change in technology can also greatly affect the survival of an entire industry. Remember the pager? Innovations in cellphone technology produced text messaging. Texting killed off that industry, but at least the employees were able to find work in the cellphone and call center agencies.

When change happens, it isn’t always welcome, even when it is absolutely necessary. Expect a lot of resistance coming from industry and business owners, but in the end, the outcome will almost always benefit the consumer. But all is not doom and gloom for business owners due to change. It just means that they must learn to adapt and evolve their business to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

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